Samsung SpinPoint F4EG 2TB Hard Drive Review – ATTO Disk Benchmark & HDTune Pro


ATTO Disk Benchmark is the quickest and simplest method to determine transfer speeds and utilizes the same test methodology as manufacturers in arriving at performance results.  It simply measures raw sequential transfer speeds for both read and write access at various transfer sizes, producing a very easily understood result. This benchmark is by far the industry standard for spot-on raw sequential throughput.

The top benchmark is the single device reaching a max sequential read of 130 MB/s, vs the throughput of 470 MB/s of the array, shown in the benchmark below it.

Another huge benefit of using these types of drives in an array is one that you rarely hear mentioned, and that is in writing performance. As you can see the single device write speed of 140 MB/s is easily dwarfed by the massive write speed of 600 MB/s of the four drive array.



HDTune is a benchmark that caters specifically to the testing of HDD and arrays of HDD. It has some more precise latency testing with different file sizes than other benchmarks do, so it should suit our purposes nicely.

Here is single drive results, as you can see the average speed in this test is 105.5 MB/s and the the max is 137.4

blankAnd then below is the result with the four drives. Note that the average speed is hitting 341.2 MB/s, while the maximum is 465.5 MB/s!



Pg1 – Introduction and Specifications

Pg2 – Test Bench and Protocol

Pg3 – GPT vs MBR Parttitions

Pg4 – ATTO & HDTune Pro Benchmarks

Pg5 – Crystal Diskmark and HDTach Benchmarks

Pg6 – Win7 WEI and Conclusions

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