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Associate Tech Reviews for October 21, 2012

It’s almost time to start considering what kind of electronics will be the top Christmas pick.  New phones, tablets, laptops or the ever loving games.  Stay tuned as we highlight options for your consideration. HIGHLIGHT REVIEW Hands-On First Look: Motorola RAZR HD   By HotHardware Motorola Mobility, now a division of Google, has been on a tear as of late, releasing potent new Android …

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Affiliate Tech Reviews for October 5, 2012

Well it’s already time for our Thanksgiving celebration, here in Canada. A time when we try a little harder to get together with our family and friends for a good home-cooked meal. Now adays the biggest ‘difference’ is that all the kids sitting at the table have some kind of electronic device on their laps, lol. HIGHLIGHT REVIEW @ Hardware Heaven As summer turns to …

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Affiliate Tech Reviews for September 29, 2012

Don’t you just love surprises! I know I certainly do, only the good ones of course,  this week has been full of them. If you haven’t been following our forums, make sure to check them out again on Sunday, when we begin our next give away. You too may be surprised. HIGHLIGHT REVIEW In mid-2011, AMD released their first generation …

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Following up on our recent review of the ADATA XPG SX300 mSATA SSD, we are now going to be running a similar analysis of the 256GB version of the same family. We have been curious as to what this particular review would hold, as we had done a review of the MyDigitalSSD SMART 256GB mSATA SSD some time ago and …

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Silicon Power Velox V70 240GB SSD Review

On our table today we have the Silicon Power Velox V70 SATA 3 SSD where SP is another to combine the power of the LSI SandForce SF-2281 Flash Storage Processor (FSP) with Intel synchronous MLC memory. If NAND alone makes great partners, the V70 is in good hands as we have seen the same type and capacity in the OCZ …

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Affiliate Tech Reviews for September 5, 2012

First day back to school for our students here in Ontario.  It’s a day of change for most of us even if we do not have kids going to school.  If you take public transit you have to remember that the bus will be a little fuller today and even a little behind time. If you drive, today’s priority is watching …

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