The SSD Review is Hiring – Enterprise SSD Reviewer and Technology Journalist

The SSD Review is seeking two individuals to join our team for paid opportunities and travel, fulfilling contract positions. Both opportunities require people well versed in SSD technology with experience both in the technology field, as well as compiling subsequent website articles.

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Commencement for both positions will be as soon as qualified people have been identified and these positions are described as follows:

  • Enterprise SSD Reviewer – The Enterprise SSD Reviewer is responsible for complete evaluation and analysis of enterprise level solid state technology. All testing is to be conducted in an enterprise environment where testing can provide a valuable independent analysis to assist companies in there purchase decisions. All review media will be supplied to the reviewer on a loan basis and is to be returned to the original manufacturer or, in the case of site retention, to Essentially Tech Media Corporation. This is a PAID contract position and payment is not made until the article is published and equipment returned; and
  • Technology News Journalist – The Technology News Journalist is responsible for posting daily SSD and storage news updates and fees are paid on a ‘per article’ basis with a minimum number of updates necessary per week. This position is an entry level position and may afford ample opportunity for travel and progression.

The Essentially Tech Media Corporation comprises of The SSD Review and Technology X. Our team enjoys opportunities to possess cutting edge hardware technologies well before the world has even been made aware of their existence. Immediate rewards are found in creating an incredible resume as a journalist and technology reviewer, as well as the ability to retain a great deal of valuable hardware and travel the world. Last year, our team traveled to Las Vegas, Germany, Taiwan, China, Korea and several trips were made to California.

Not only do we encourage resumes for those qualified for the above, but also, our doors are always open to those that believe they may enjoy such an environment and be able to benefit the Team. We run a very simple philosophy that our rewards will be your rewards and there are no limits to what can be achieved within.

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Follow this link for more information, identification of additional open positions, and instructions for contact and forwarding of resumes.

Or simply send an e-mail expressing your interest here!

Good Luck!

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