Toshiba BG4 1TB NVMe SSD Review – What the Future Holds


The elephant in the room with respect to the Toshiba BG4, of course, is that you cannot get your hands on it…unless of course you happen to buy a ultrabook or similar device containing this storage medium.  Even then, we will guarantee that you won’t see the fact that it contains the Toshiba BG4 within advertised anywhere on that ultra…but who knows right?  The good thing is that this is very small form factor NVMe SSD that has one heck of a punch.

The performance of and capacity of this single chip design SSD is what is truly special though.  1TB of storage is a massive amount of storage and 2.3GB/s is extremely fast data transfer performance for any SSD.  I might even venture to guess that something such as this in a digital device might even be integrated…permanent…non-replaceable and upgradeable.  But then again, it could also be integrated leaving an extra space for additional storage…

We now have high performing and high capacity SSD storage smaller than a SD card.  Editor’s Choice and great job Toshiba!

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Toshiba BG4 1TB NVMe SSD Ratings

Product Build
Data Transfer Speeds
Multipole Capacity Availability - 1TB Highest

Ultra small!

The Toshiba BG4 NVMe SSD is a single chip design SSD that is of the 2230 form factor and only 30 mm long. It has a storage capacity of up to 1TB and performance of 2.3GB/s which is virtually unheard of for any single package design.

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  1. blank

    Wow! Now if we could only get micro SD and SD cards with even just half of this kind of performance. Maybe a new architecture will come about to replace the current woefully slow (especially at random 4K) architecture of micro SD cards and SD cards.
    The world of storage is obviously evolving though.

    Thanks for the review Les.

  2. blank

    Interesting how in ATTO the read speeds peak at 128kb queue length, and taper off after that as queue length increases

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