TCS BGADrive SSD Review (64GB) – An Exclusive Look The Newest ‘Mission Critical’ TCS SSD


Having the opportunity to analyze and report on the TCS BGADrive SSD is somewhat similar to the feeling we experience when seeing a new breakthrough for the first time.  Telecommunications Systems Inc has a reputation for product toughness and durability so it is not surprising that we would find everything we need under a website called ToughSSD.Com. The TCS BGADrive can withstand shock, pressure, vibration and extreme weather as no other SSD can, all the while providing the speed of flash that was never seen in any hard drive.

TCS BGADrive Front 2

The TCS BGA Drive also speaks to low power very well for both the SATA and PATA variants, bringing with it support for mobile and other low power applications through advanced auto power-saving states and power fail management.  Adding this to the long list of other features, including on-the-fly error correction, end-to-end CRC error correction, as well as advanced wear leveling and we just might have the smallest, most powerful and most rugged SSD to be found today.

Last but not least, we would like to recognize TeleCommunication Systems Inc as they have made possible a look into a world of solid state that we would never see otherwise.  It is great to work hand in hand on such a project that ventures way outside of the box.  Thanks again Joe!

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    Abdullateef AL Fozaie

    How is this an editors choice.. Read/Write slower than mechanical, can’t buy it, overpriced (probably) only thing going for it is that it could be used in drones for “collateral Damage”

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