Super Talent TeraDrive CT3 120GB SATA 3 SSD Review – An Amazing ‘SandForce Driven’ ASync 6Gbps SSD


Peter Carcione and Super Talent have been around for quite a while and, for the most part, they are renowned for their flash drives and innovations in that area as was recently seen in our Super Talent ExpressRC8 50GB USB 3 ‘SandForce Driven’ Flash Drive review. I have even been so blunt as to tell Peter (who I will admittedly label as a good friend) that they are taking my job away when they test their own hardware and create videos on the GoSuperTalent You Tube Channel showing the actual tests being done.

I never expected this return from their CT3 however.  To pull off good results in synthetic testing is one thing but to place so well in our PCMark Vantage testing is an absolutely incredible feat.  The Super Talent CT3 is the highest performing ‘Async’ SSD we have tested to date, regardless of capacities compared.  Only because it surpassed the MaxIOPS and GT of the same capacity marginally, I wouldn’t put alot of faith in the fact that repeated tests couldn’t put any of these three on top at any given point and time when compared to one another.

If I have any knocks at all, I would suggest a better design for the SSD sticker itself, inclusion of a desktop PC adapter as is becoming commonplace, better availability on popular E-tailers not to be mentioned and lets bump that warranty to 3 years shall we?  Can I see this as being a best seller right there beside the MaxIOPS and GT if these small deficiencies were taken care of?  Absolutely.

The simple fact remains that the Super Talent TeraDrive CT3 stands beside the OCZ MaxIOPS and Corsair Force GT without question in PCMark Vantage testing, this test medium being the best available to mimic typical user PC activities.  That is something in itself we think.

Congratulations Super Talent…now stop taking our job away will ya?


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    Great review. I got to get me one of these.

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