Solidata K8 1920E 2TB SSD Review – Highest Capacity 2.5″ Form Factor SSD To Date


The Solidata K8-1920E 2TB is the first of it’s kind to be made available and this is very encouraging.  Many might have expected such a SSD to contain two PCBs within the casing, however, this SSD has demonstrated that it is possible to get 2TB of storage on a typical form factor SSD.  There are four LSI SandForce FSPs that oversee 32 NAND flash memory chips and this configuration is necessary to both power the memory and enable decent SATA 2 performance.  Worthy of mention is that energy consumption for this SSD is 1.5W idle and up to 4W active.

Solidata K8-1920E SSD Disassembled

Performance is two fold, in that, it performs as expected when working with highly compressible data, but things differ significantly when working with highly incompressible data as one might see with professionals seeking an SSD for manipulating media.  This case in point is very significant as this SSD is intended to be a storage medium that demonstrates a performance and storage upgrade from a similar 2TB hard drive.  The difference between the 2TB SSD and the 2TB hard drive is significant.  On the other hand, the Solidata 2TB K8-1920E SSD was not meant to be an application and media workhorse and we can’t see it fitting in as the OS and application drive of any media professional.

The price of the Solidata K8-1920E 2TB SSD must be spoken to.  It is definitely well above what we expected and, quite frankly, I don’t see this as a $5000 SSD even as it sits in front of me.  Solidata, we are going to have to bring it down just a bit, especially with other 2TB SSDs hoping to make their entrance soon enough. For now though, it get’s locked up in the safe until return.

Solidata On Desk


Throughout the last few years here at TSSDR, we have actively pursued just about every SSD on the market for review, and on some occasions, manufacturers have declined the offer for various reasons to include low performance, high price or whatnot.  Our opinion is that every SSD has its space and the Solidata K8-1920E 2TB SSD is a perfect example of exactly that.

Where many manufacturers may have held back on providing this SSD for review because of such things as lack of TRIM, performance in certain situations and even price, Solidata sees the benefit of promoting this product and we thank them sincerely for choosing our outlet as their exclusive source of review.  To the typical user seeking a 2TB storage SSD, they will not observe a performance difference between this and any other SSD.  They can expect their pocketbook to be much lighter however.

Strictly because of the ingenuity and engineering behind the Solidata K8-1920 E 2TB SSD, we have no difficulty whatsoever in awarding it with our Innovation Award.


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  1. blank

    way too expensive, getting 4 480gb sandforce async for same performance is around 1200-1400, this is 4x that cost lol. may as well grab two of those crucial 960gb at 1200, better solution and much faster performance, right?

    • blank

      >4x the footprint though, when you count in the RAID controller.
      This product is most certainly very niche, but oh well.

    • blank

      That’s the notion, you could line them up in raid zero and couple it with a high end graphics card and turbo cloaked CPU then it’s like rocketing performance through the stratosphere. Amazing stuff, can’t wait to build a system based on these specs like described in

  2. blank

    I’ll take two 🙂 Actually, it does not a thing for me. An 840 Pro is likely next for me. And maybe not as I am liking my Vector pretty good. Dave

  3. blank

    Don’t forget that this is a niche product and not to be compared to consumer SSD such as a Samsung 840 – nobody needs 2TB of SSD storage for storing videos and games etc – this is for use where only 1 disk slot is available – or to give maximum storage for the physical size – high end video recording cameras, SAN appliances where physical space is key – it’s not really for the desktop user – Great pro review from Les!

    • blank

      the Samsung is way better with controller and speed, especially in RAID.

      this is just a product to get fast money out of rich suckers.
      you only pay for the size ,

      but i don’t mind ,cause i’m not a sucker.
      and it will make the other drives cheaper

    • blank

      and 2 TB is nothing special.

      nowdays everyone wants a few TB for video’s , a High quality blue ray movie can easy be 10GB or more.
      and i got games that are 30 Gb and more.

      so maybe you got a shitty desktop and don’t need it .
      but dont speak for my desktop and what i need.

  4. blank

    Is this 2TB drive already available in the market? I could not find this specification in solidata website. How can I validate this information?

  5. blank
    John Smith (The none American)

    Too Expensive and Short Life , ill stick to my HyperX Force.

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