SecureData 2TB Secure Drive BT External SSD Review


Our SecureData Secure Drive BT 2TB external SSD has been in use for a few weeks now and we are in an excellent position as a portion of our work environment includes rather secure PC equipment that is very finicky with just about any type of security software; it rejects it.  The Secure Drive BT works great, confirming its claim to be compatible in any OS environment….and so it should.  Your access to the Secure Drive BT is through an App on your phone which is very highly configurable to your needs.  The PC only recognizes it as being an open drive when unlocked.

 Data security for the Secure Drive BT is top-notch and we like the fact that so many of the security options were left to be configured very easily by the user..  Warranty is decent at two-years, build is beyond reproach and pricing is can be expected for a security device such as this.  Great job SecureData!

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SecureData Secure Drive BT Ratings

Product Build
Ease of Set-Up and Configurability
Price and Availability
Two-Year Warranty

Amazing Security

The Secure Drive BT is the highest capacity and easily the most configurable hardware encrypted external SSD on the market today, validated at the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 mark.

User Rating: 4.68 ( 3 votes)

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