Sabrent Rocket SDXC V90 Memory Cards Reviewed – 512GB V90 is an Enthusiast Dream

It wasn’t so long ago that nobody really gave much thought to their needs in memory cards.  8K wasn’t much of a reality outside of media industry professionals and it was pretty easy to choose what one needed on the consumer side. Pretty much anything of a reputable name would do.

Speed classes graduated from two to ten and UHS speed classes jumped from one to two but nobody ever gave much concern to video speed class… at least up until things like video surveillance and drones and such came into play and we watched HD jump to 4K.  In fact, the SD Association regulates such standards and have always put out this rather amazing chart to keep us up to date:

Many still don’t understand Video Speed Class where they should because V90 is the standard used for 8K video which has grown such that we are seeing it in the most popular smartphones these days.  Simply put, this speaks to the minimum ‘sustained’ write performance one will see while media is being moved from the device to the storage card.   This is rather important as one would hate to be filming that perfect moment at a wedding in high res only to find that the video stutters or camera freezes up, missing one of life’s most treasured moments.  Sabrent can help you with that.

Sabrent has just introduced their first SDXC memory card family to the market and they are just about the best you can get.  Capacity availability runs from 64GB to a whopping 512GB and their internal components are beyond reproach, using KIOXIA’s newest BiCS5 112-Layer 3D TLC NAND flash memory coupled with Phisons PS8601 memory card controller.  Listed specs are the same for all capacities at 280MB/s read and 250MB/s write and our initial testing found performance in all to be consistent as shown here for the 128GB.

More importantly however, we pulled off something that few others do in their reviews and we tested that V90 sustained write performance to ensure all was in order with the Sabrent family.  Using a 85GB 8K file, we moved it from one location to another on the card and every capacity had similar sustained writes to what we are seeing below.

Checking Amazon, we see the Sabrent Rocket SDXC UHS-II V90 card family priced at $69.99 (64GB), $119.99 (128GB), $249.99 (256GB) and $599.99 (512GB) which (overall) is much lower than competing V90 memory cards and the Sabrent Rocket SDXC V90 card family comes with a three-year warranty on registration.  Add to this that the fact that these cards are shock, water and x-ray proof, and also that there is bad block management, along with static and dynamic wear leveling built into the firmware, and we are all set.

All tests were conducted using the ProGrade Digital USB 3.2 Gen 2 Dual Card CFexpress B/SD UHS-II Card Reader first described in this report. It can be found on Amazon for $79.99 and performs to speeds of 1GB/s read and write.

Overall, we can’t speak highly enough about the new Sabrent Rocket SDXC memory card family but to mention that the 512GB V90 sample has found its new home in our Canon EOS R5.

The Sabrent Rocket has the top performance available today, coupled with the top capacity, great pricing, a decent 3-year warranty and one of the best reputations in the business.  Editor’s Choice.

Check Sabrent Rocket SDXC Memory Card Pricing at Amazon.


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