SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD Review (256GB)


It wasn’t so long ago that SanDisk introduced their Extreme SATA 3 SSD and watched it become one of the best selling SSDs on the market with SanDisk’s rock solid reputation behind it.  Today SanDisk once again introduces another new product and, considering its characteristics and build, this just may be another hit.

Ultra Plus Closer 2

The SanDisk Ultra Plus enters the market as a mid-range SSD that has an excellent price point under the $1/GB mark.  It’s performanxce is straight forward and specifications are accurate with the Ultra Plus being a solid SATA 3 SSD, completely compatible with SATA 2 systems and an ideal upgrade for any hard drive.  As much as we would like to have seen some validation that nCache does provide a performance increase, we also understand that we are once again reducing the memory footprint and nCache probably plays a large part in sustaining this performance with SanDisk 19nm NAND flash memory.

As with the Extreme, we will have to keep a close eye on pricing for the Ultra Plus because, although it is available at great prices today, SanDisk owns the fab and has the ability to bring prices to a level that could once again force others to reduce prices.  Conversely, SanDisk could just as easily throw a regular PCB in this SSD with 16 memory modules for a 1TB retail model at what just might be a great price.  Who knows….

In the end, we think that SanDisk is simply testing the waters and might just have something in store for us in the next few months ahead.

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  1. blank

    So so performance, but fantastic price. Can’t wait to see what pricing on this SSD looks like in a couple months especially with SanDisk controlling the fab. Great review as always, Les!

  2. blank

    Mine is a good example i guess 🙂
    Purchased in 2013, heavy user, SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD is 4 years old now.
    Run heavily modded Fallout 4 and Skyrim as well as Photoshop and 3DSmax.
    SSD dashboard says 93% life left, thats 50+ years reliability @ heavy use.
    Performance has decreased but working perfectly, no errors ever.

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