SanDisk Extreme II SSD Review (480GB)


We knew from our first report that the new SanDisk Extreme II SSD was a workhorse and up to the task, regardless of the workload thrown at it.  As did the 240GB version before it, the Extreme II 480GB SSD provided excellent benchmark results in both transfer speeds and throughput, bringing in results of over 500MB/s and IOPS of over 90,000.  SanDisk is very successful in having their engineering team extracting every bit of performance from the Marvell 9187 controller and the end result is great.

SanDisk Extreme II 480GB SSD Thin

SanDisk went well beyond in their successful marketing of this new SSD, however, and tapped along a 5 year warranty and a price point that we would normally in lesser performing drives with three year warranties.  This is what you can do when you manufacture memory itself and we have seen this from, not only SanDisk, but also from Crucial/Micron and even Samsung to an extent.  Companies like this can afford to ‘shake the branches’ just a bit to see who drops off and this has occurred to more than a few already.


Where SanDisk was once nowhere to be found, all now understand that they are a force to be reckoned with and deserving of our Editor’s Choice once again.  They deserve top marks for performance, pricing, capacity and warranty.

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    While looking at the photo of the opened unit and seeing the thermal pads I started thinking it might be interesting to do temperature measurements on SSDs to see just how hot they can run. Case surface temp checks would give an overall surface reading but it would be neat to see realtime color thermal imaging (via a Fluke thermal imager handgun or equivalent). You’d then be able to see which chips ran hotter than the others. It would solve the question of what generates the most heat, reads or writes? Sequential or random? Large or 4K? RAID 0 or RAID 5? Are there operations that can generate enough heat to cause damage or shorten the lifespan of the unit? Just my $.02 worth (before taxes).

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    Thanks you for the great review I like the way you go through the whole details of each SSD you review. This is an amazing Solid States Drive, fast like an blink of an eye. works great in my Macbook Pro 2012, Just one thing I have noticed, it when I leave my MBP and it goes in sleep and I come back and wake it up, it takes 20-30 delay, couldn’t find a solution for it, except shutting it down and turn it on again because it takes 12 Sec to boot up.

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