SanDisk Extreme II SSD Review (240GB) – SanDisk Finds That Sweet Spot and Hits a Home Run


The SanDisk Extreme II SSD has shown some of the best test results we have seen to date and they have been consistent.  In examining PCMark Vantage alone, surpassing that 70,000 point plateau is hard enough, but scoring between the Samsung Pro and OCZ Vector we truly never believed would occur!

SanDisk Extreme II SSD PCMark Vantage Chart

Even going back to our original ATTO Benchmark results, transfer performance hit higher speeds at lower file sizes as we had never seen before, exceeding 310MB/s for both read and write speeds right from the 4K file size. If this is the result of nCache, we can’t say, but one thing is definite and that is that the SanDisk Extreme is a very quick SSD.

SanDisk Extreme II SSD Closer

As much as we love the performance, the key to success in mass marketing ones SSD to the consumer has always been finding that right price point.  Being an avid watcher of Amazon SSD sales, we can say that only recently have Samsung 840 SSDs topped the SanDisk Extreme II as the top sellerblank and that position had been held by SanDisk for some time.  This rivalry over best selling SSD can only be between those that manufacture the memory and SanDisk has released the new Extreme II at a very competitive price point,  below that of the Samsung 840 Problank.

We are getting a top tier SSD for value SSD pricing…and with a five year warranty to boot!  If you are looking for a solid SSD with the best warranty available today and top pricing, look no further.  Editor’s Choice!

Check Out SanDisk Extreme II SSD Pricing at Amazon!blank / Discussion Forum


Editors Choice-SSD copy Opt

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  1. blank

    Finally a Marvell SSD with decent OP…about time!

  2. blank

    Now that’s what i like to see!
    Great performance up there with the top dogs!
    That 4K numbers are on par with the summys!
    Wait to see pricing here in Greece!
    Thanks for the review!

  3. blank

    where are your steady state benchmarks? testing for several hours under load? the other good review sites do it and its the only thing i look at. please add them!

    • blank

      Different sites have different methods of testing. Although we look very closely at steady state number for enterprise drives, we don’t feel this is a major factor with consumers. Our test methodology was determined after abreat deal of feedback with readers.

  4. blank

    Hello, your Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD Review is dated September 24, 2012 and you gave it your Editor’s Choice award, with the final-awards-0211.png graphic.

    The SanDisk Extreme II SSD Review on this page is dated June 26, 2013 and you also gave it your Editor’s Choice award, no graphic though. Which SSD currently has your Editor’s Choice award?

  5. blank

    Look at the current this thing draws: 1.6A at 5V would require two USB 3 ports or three USB 2 ports to power it in a portable case. It is only suitable for use in cases with external power or inside a computer.

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