Runcore ProV Max 240GB 6Gbps SSD Review – The Gold SSD Earns The Gold Seal Once Again


The key to the Runcore ProV Max 240GB SSD, in comparison to many other SSDs, is that it relies on synchronous NAND flash memory which is higher performing and more expensive.  It’s performance is best displayed when testing in highly incompressible data, as with AS SSD, where its high sequential results were above 300MB/s.

Add to that the fact that the true engine of ‘the machine’ is the tried and true LSI SandForce SF-2281 processor and it has to be a win-win for performance.  It can be said that the LSI SandForce name is synonymous with SSDs which can only be thought of as an amazing feat for a company (SandForce) that is still less than five years old.

The gold design of this SSD makes it one of the most attractive around and the inclusion of the desktop system adapter and data cable is a definite plus, as well as the fact that Runcore has moved away from the pre-installed migration software on the SSD.  In previous reviews, we have always found that SSDs with such software already installed could never reach peak testing specifications.

blankWith respect to pricing, the ProV Max 240GB SSD was found for $469.99 at one retailer which is a bit high but, even more importantly, we believe availability should be closely examined by Runcore.  An internet search found only one outlet that had sufficient numbers of Runcore SSDs available to the consumer.  Runcore has done very well in the Asia’s and they have made the jump ‘across the water’ as one might say.  In order to succeed in the North America, the key to sales will be visibility, much more than anyone can simply provide in a review such as this.

All in all, the Runcore ProV Max gave us a very good run in testing and earns our Gold Seal as did it’s 120GB brother.


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  1. blank

    omg dont buy runcore its the worst company of SSD SLC in the world, dont honor delivery, dont honor controller Inside the disk, they move price every day.
    Trust me dotn buy, you will have many problems with them.

  2. blank

    Forget RunCore SSD is really a bad quality for the expensive price.
    All is based on the bad test.Its lie. They don’t want honor warranty.

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