OCZ Octane SATA 3 512GB SSD Review


HDTune is a great software program which covers all areas of our testing and does a great job of showing how capable this drive truly is.




blankIt’s not often that we include HDTune Pro testing in our results lately but testing of the OCZ Octane allows HDTune to once again highlight the access speeds as seen in the first, third and fourth results.  As well, you will notice how level and smooth the test line for the read result is in the first Bench.  Through testing, we have seen some lines that look like heartbeats and, after countless testing with HDTune, we can say that this result is that of an SSD that is very comfortable with its environment.


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    “Their stealth in bringing things to market has not only pushed SSD technology significantly..”

    Is that really what you meant?

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    The latency of this device is superb, simply the best at low 4K. As long as OCZ nails the pricing, this will be a great buy for the casual user. Devices such as this will speed the widespread adoption of SSDs, which will benefit us all.
    Of note is the fact that this device is roughly only 15 percent off in performance compared to the highest scorer in PCMark Vantage scores. Considering this is the first firmware revision, and the much lower price, at 1.10 to 1.30 per GB being mentioned, this is going to be a big seller~

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    i want one in my tivo lol 🙂

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    I would be careful with OCZ SSD Drives bought a Vertex 2 and 3 and both failed after a couple of months. currently dealing we costumer service. not sure yet if they will refund me I will keep you posted. If the don’t stay away far away from these drives.

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    costumer service is the worst

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