Corsair MP600 Core 2TB PCIe 4 NVMe SSD Review – QLC Memory with a Bite


The MP600 Core is a great addition to the Corsair gaming family and provides a mid-range answer to customer purchase needs.  We will be reviewing the MP600 Pro just a bit later.  The MP600 Core is a well built SSD with a dynamite look inside the gunmetal aluminum heatsink.  It is a QLC NSMe SSD using the Phison E16 controller and performance of 5GB/s read and 3.7GB/s write is decent.  It includes a 5-year warranty and is one of the few SSDs out there that have 4TB capacities available.

The most important thing to note with respect to QLC SSDs is that one needs to have an understanding of their tasks, should they need this (or any QLC SSD) for such things as media manipulation.  These are great SSDs and have superior performance to PCIe3, however, we work with media manipulation quite a bit and, at least we prefer to stay with TLC PCIe 4 SSDs in working with large media files.

Conversely… Is this a great SSD with up to 4TB capacity for typical SSD use, or even game play?  Absolutely.  The Corsair MP600 Core PCIe4 QLC SSD pushes the limits of what we have seen so far with other QLC SSDs and is an ideal example of where QLC SSDs are going.  Similarly, its pricing is in line with what we are seeing from the competition.

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Corsair MP600 Core NVMe SSD Ratings

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5-Year Warranty
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QLC Memory!

The Corsair MP600 Core is a speedy QLC Gen 4x4 SSD that is available in capacities up to 4TB, has decent performance, comes with a 5-year warranty and a decent price.

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