ADATA Swordfish 1TB NVMe SSD Review – The Last Word in Value


The AJA Video Systems Disk Test is relatively new to our testing and tests the transfer speed of video files with different resolutions and Codec.


TxBench is one of our newly discovered benchmarks that we works much the same as Crystal Diskmark, but with several other features.  Advanced load benchmarking can be configured, as well as full drive information and data erasing via secure erase, enhanced secure erase, TRIM and overwriting.  Simply click on the title for a free copy.



I will be quite frank in stating that it has been awhile since we have reviewed an SSD that simply wouldn’t place up there on the performance chart.  Even I was asking myself why ADATA would market an SSD at 1800MB/s top speed when most others are double that.   Value!  The ADATA Swordfish comes in at .12/GB which makes it officially the top value SSD we have ever tested.  Anything getting the storage world that close to taking over the hard drive space is worthy of a report…period.


Our testing of the ADATA Swordfish sits at 1800MB/s read and 1200MB/s write which matches their listed specs exactly.  This is an entry level SSD meant as an upgrade for your hard drive based PC. In saying that, there is a very important fact here that so many overlook.  That is that nobody, not even the experts, can tell the difference between ANY SSD in typical PC operations with respect to performance.  The jump from hard drive to SSD?  Massive.  The jump from this SSD and the most powerful consumer SSD on the market when used in everyday computer operations. None that will be noticed with the naked eye.  Now include this little tidbit with the fact that ADATA is throwing in a 5-year limited warranty and the Swordfish has one of the best price points on the market… Top Value.

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The ADATA Swordfish comes in at one of the lowest price SSDs on the market. Performance is considered to be entry level and this SSD has a 5-year limited warranty.

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