MyDigitalSSD BP5e Slim 7 Series SSD Review (960GB) – Unequaled Value with TLC


The MyDigitalSSD BP5e Slim 7 Series comes in as one of the lowest priced options in the market at this time and offers very good performance for its segment. Based on our results, we’ve seen that not only did its sequential performance excel, but so did its random performance, with over 100K IOPS read and 80K IOPS write achieved during a run of AS SSD. PCMark Vantage and 8 both showed that it is a competent SSD that can also provide for great performance under real world workflows. Furthermore, the BP5e Slim 7 Series didn’t do too shabby during the 30GB file transfer test, with speeds averaging 350MB/s and only dipping down to the low 300MB/s range. With respect to power consumption, it compared well with other value based products and was actually more efficient than some.

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As with many of the newer value based SSDs TLC NAND is now becoming a driving force behind them. The BP5e Slim 7 Series is no different, it relies on TLC to keep costs down. While this has typically been a vice to the many new value entrants due to poor write speeds, the BP5e Slim 7 Series, on the contrary, provides for better performance than its competition, at least at the 960GB capacity. This makes it a much better choice, for those who will be utilizing this SSD for light mixed workloads, over the other value products. Hopefully, it won’t be too long until we start to see newer 3D TLC SSDs next year so that we will see lower capacity options from all manufacturers perform better as well. The Samsung 850 EVO seems to be the king when it comes to TLC due to its TLC 3D V-NAND, but as of now, it cannot compete with these low $0.25-0.27 per GB prices.

The only downfall to the BP5e Slim 7 Series is the tradeoff you take between low cost and the offered warranty. Instead of an almost industry standard 3-year warranty, the BP5e Slim 7 Series only comes with a 2-year warranty. But, that is only a minor gripe, other than that, for the price, this SSD really does offer a lot of bang for the buck and we must say, holds true to MyDigitalSSD’s statement that it provides for an unequaled price to performance ratio!

Therefore, we award the MyDigitalSSD BP5e Slim 7 Series our top value award!

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A Top Value TLC SSD

The MyDigitalSSD BP5e Slim 7 Series is a bare bones value based SSD that delivers great performance for the price. Although it is powered by TLC NAND, write speed is actually quite good with sustained performance of over 300MB/s once the SLC cache is full. One of the only cons to this product is its slightly lower than average warranty length of only 2 years. Other than that, it is a great buy for anyone looking for high capacity at a low price point.

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  1. blank

    Thanks for this review! Adding real world file transfer and HD Tune, it makes the review complete for me. Finally a tlc drive that seems decent or actually good, almost on par with the 850 evo. Hopefully all tlc drives are heading in this direction. If the price is right I won’t be so negative about tlc drives. They need to up the warrantee to 3 years though. I think Toshiba makes the best nand besides Samsung. Why make larger ssds with slow write speeds it makes no sense because the bigger the drive, you’re going to use it for lager files transfers, backups, storage, so these 500-2000 gb tlc drives need faster write speeds. Who wants to transfer files from a fast operating system drive to a slow backup/storage drive? Not me and it seems like MyDigital agrees.

  2. blank

    I think your award and generally your conclusion should be for the 960gb model and not the whole BP5e Slim 7 Series.

    You haven’t tested the lower capacity models, and the performance is usually way worse, that’s why the send the bigger capacity models for reviews.

    Don’t forget that the 240gb model has much smaller slc cache that it may even affect everydays performance since this is a tlc model.

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