Mushkin Chronos GO Deluxe 1.8″ SATA 3 SSD Review – Lightning Speeds Ultrathin Design


First and foremost, a big thank you has to go to Mushkin for getting us the first official Mushkin Chronos GO Deluxe SSD to be sent off for review.  Even after several years, testing SSDs is still as much of a passion now and there is no feeling like unexpectedly receiving a new entry into the SSD world to test; and it is a new form factor to our testing to boot!

The Mushkin Chronos GO Deluxe 1.8″ SSD may be a relatively modest SSD to the world but it doesn’t lack in performance.  With both read and write transfer speeds above 500MB/s and write IOPS above 82,000, the LSI SandForce Driven characteristics are front and center.  We have to credit Mushkin’s combination of the SanDisk 24nm toggle mode memory with the SF-2281 processor.  We don’t think that many others would have followed that route with <24nm memory available that would have been a more roomy placement on the printed circuit board.  Like we had said prior, we never would have guessed that 16 packages of 24nm memory were present in this SSD.

Mushkin Go 240GB SSD Angled Front

Performance is there, a three year warranty is there and now we will need to see availability and pricing.  Inital pricing at Newegg displayed limited availability of only 120, 240 and 480 capacities and prices were nothing to write home about, the 240GB capacity reaching $1.37/GB.  As we said though, this is a new release and pricing should settle within coming weeks.

All in all, we were very impressed with the performance displayed through such a small form factor SSD and an SSD that contains an exterior shell unlike the mSATA SSD.  To step out and market so many capacities, believing in the success of the 1.8″ form factor, we think Mushkin is deserving of our Innovation Award!

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