Mushkin Atlas 480GB SSD Review – Performance Meets Capacity In The Ultra World


It’s always great to review a product that pushes the bar a bit further because there always seems to be a bit of controversy to go along with it.  We know that Mushkin sat down and discussed at length the merits of using asynchronous memory vice synchronous and, although some probably didn’t agree with the final decision, they realized one thing that is definitely key; this was the only way to get the Mushkin Atlas 480GB SSD into consumer hands.

They needed to keep it under that golden $500 point because they knew, just as we all do, that it is like a line in the sand nobody wants to cross…even for a high capacity SSD.  The flavor of the day is trying to reach that golden ‘buck a gigabyte’ price point and this was the only way they could come close.

Mushkin Atlas 480GB SSD Extra 2

The thing that I find truly amazing is that, even with the low incompressible scores and even with the lower than expected 4k random aligned write transfer speeds, this is the most powerful 480GB SSD in the world!  As much of a risk getting a product to market first can be, the fruit of Mushkin’s labor is the fact that this capacity is in demand and there is definitely a niche group seeking such.  Our e-mails received are testament to this and we hope that we have helped them along just a bit in their decision.

The Mushkin Atlas 480GB mSATA SSD is SATA 3 and will hit performance of 500MB/s.  It is available now, can be found at just over the $1/GB and has a standard 3 year warranty should any trouble be experienced.  For those new to Mushkin, they are a company with a solid reputation, amazing support and all of their products are ‘Made in The USA’.

In consideration of the work that went into creating the Mushkin Atlas 480GB SSD, we are awarding Mushkin with our Innovation Award.

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  1. OMG,what were they thinking….cheap asynchronous NAND flash memory….yikes

  2. 3 year warranty is a no-go on a $400 plus part.

  3. still better than TLC flash..
    with 128gbit die flash, this will be in the future possbile without the additional 4 flash chios

  4. usually I am very pleased with your tests… in this case – well got me a little confused not to compare this drive to sandisk xtreme 480GB (priced at 328,-€ -> 435$), thinking it would best the atlas (this comment should be deemed non existent if you’d mean best msata 480GB drive)

  5. Mine lasted less than 6 weeks. Completely crashed and can’t do anything with it. I would not recommend this to anyone.

  6. So it looks like the new crucial 480gb mSata is pretty much the same drive?

  7. Beaten to a pulp by Crucials 480GB mSATA SSD

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