Monster Digital 400GB Le Mans SSD Review – Monster Enters The SSD Arena With Style


One of the neatest aspects of this package approach form Monster is the included USB 3.0 to SATA 3.0 adapter. This is part of the migration kit that allows users to clone their OS from an HDD over to an SSD easily.

This also happens to be a piece of gear that I personally have been wanting to see become publicly available for quite some time. It just makes sense to pair SATA 3 with USB 3 in a small easy to use package that can move data quickly. Monster could probably sell these adapters separately and move quite a few units!

We can observe that the back side of the unit has a SATA connector that will slide into the SSD SATA port.

blankOnce connected to the drive we attach the provided USB cable to the adapter. This is then plugged into the computer with the operating system that is already installed. Using the included migration software, the user then allows the software to automatically copy over the OS and  files to the new SSD.

Once complete, the user can install the SSD into the computer and a simple reboot brings them up and running with their new SSD! This is really a great system that will ease the process for new users.

blankOf course there is no way that we can test this device without showing off some of the speed that can be had through the adapter. The random speeds do not vary at the higher Queue Depths, as the USB specification does not support NCQ.


This really isn’t important however, as the blistering sequential speeds are what will make this combination speedy when copying over the operating system. This will essentially assure that the HDD is the bottleneck, as this amazing little adapter can handle the speeds very easily. If the OS were being migrated from another SSD to the Monster, this would make for an extremely fast transfer!


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    It’s crazy how the 480 SFs 4k writes totally go tits-up vs the 240 and 120. I’d muuuch rather have 2x240s for almost the same price. That sata3 to usb3 adapter is nice…they’d be crazy not to sell it on the side.

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    Looks like it comes in at about $680 – $700! I’d much rather have a pair of 240gb V3s for $460 or even 3 240’s for ~$700.

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    565 seq atto reads is really impressive

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    scsi = no TRIM with win. 7 need to use 10 series driver

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    First and foremost, Kingston’s HyperX SSD Upgrade Kits are still the best comprehensive retail box. It includes the tools, adapters, screws, cables, external enclosure (because having an SSD sitting out in plain site isn’t ideal), and Acronis software. In fact, that plate looks just like Patriot Memory’s. That said, just about every SATAIII synchronous and asynchronous SSD offers better 4K write. I would opt to buy any other brand SATAIII for a better price, bundle, and/or desktop experience. Nice try, but the name isn’t enough.

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