Memoright FTM-25 Series 240GB SSD Review – Benchmarks

2. ATTO Disk BenchMark Ver. 2.46

Atto does a great job of confirming that we are dealing with a top of the line SSD as we see the performance level of both reaching the limits of SATA II.

3. Simpli Software HDTach Ver.

The level graph line shows how comfortable this SSD is with the system and we are able to see that random access time is 0.1ms as listed.

4. HDTune Pro Ver. 4.50 – BenchMark

HDTune ProVer. 4.50 – File BenchMark

HDTune Pro Ver. 4.50 – Random Access

HDTune Pro Ver 4.50 – Extra Tests

To this point in our evaluations, all of the tests indicate that Memoright has manufactured a top tier drive in the SSD industry. This has set the stage to test the Memoright FTM 25 Series SSD with the best of the best. Read on.

Pg1 – Overview and Physical Description

Pg2 – Testing Protocol And Initial Tests

Pg 3 – BenchMarks

Pg4 – Vantage Testing and Conclusions


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