Kingston SSDNow V+ 200 120GB SATA III SSD (Upgrade Bundle Kit) Review


Kingston Technology has shown a great approach to the consumer and encouraging SSD migration in the past and this review is no different.  Their exterior packaging is attractive and complete and everything we need to know can be found somewhere on the package face including a catchy little “Performance Upgrade Kit” on the top right side.  Inside is no different as one can find everything they need to migrate from a hard drive to SSD, including step-by step instructions, a DVD with migration software and free 24 hour technical support.

With respect to performance, this SSD pulled through PCMark Vantage testing with absolutely incredible results and this was collaborated with the typical ‘SandForce Driven’ transfer speeds we discovered through our benchmark testing.  It is listed by Kingston as being a ‘business’ or ‘enterprise’ grade product and its performance detail that it would be a great upgrade for either consumer or business use.

The question of capacity need really not be breached as Kingston has presented the consumer with a complete array of capacities, ranging from 60GB to 460GB and including a 90GB configuration which is rather uncommon.  The question then comes down to price.

In examining where the V+200 sits amongst other SSDs of the same capacity, every price point seems to be around the middle of the pack.  The problem with this, of course, is that, retailers don’t identify the specific characteristics of each SSD so it is hard to draw a price/performance comparison without having reviewed pretty much every SSD on the market…as we have.

With this in mind, the Kingston SSDNow V+200 120GB SSD has to be considered one of, if not, the best example of its form factor today when comparing capacity, configuration, performance and size.  It is the highest performing SSD we have tested using asynchronous NAND flash memory, many results equaling that of some SSDs using premium NAND flash memory offerings, and its price is value driven as we see in SSDs of the value driven offerings. Editors Choice!


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  1. blank

    not reliable at all… i bough my HyperX on Jan 2012… last week sent back for warranty…. cannot detect, yet have to wait for 4 weeks for the replacement stock to arrived from Taiwan…. very bad backup service…..

  2. blank

    Works like a charm! Bought the V+200 240 gb to upgrade from macbook pro (early 2011) factory toshiba 128gb ssd. Great speed. It’s been 2 months, not one problem. Easy install, just needed to fill some voids for correct seating of the ssd into the laptop. Got it on discount $170 for the 240gb. yahoo.

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