Kingfast F3 Plus SSD Review (240GB) – Looks Like The Real Thing


After our recent experience with another KingFast F3 Plus SSD, some might find the fact that we even reviewed another KingFast SSD surprising, much less the tone of this report.  Most, in fact, would probably just skip to this final page looking for that dynamic quote, based solely on our previous report.  This would be unfortunate because we have seen some strengths in the KingFast F3 Plus SSD we reviewed here that we just haven’t seen before.  Trust me when I say that there was nobody more surprised than I.

Specifically, for the KingFast F3 to provide benchmark results of over 100MB/s for low 4K random write performance while testing in incompressible data is one thing, but for it to result in another +100MB/s result while testing in compressible data as well, is pretty much unheard of. To then spit out three SATA 3 transfer speeds in AS SSD Copy Bench could be considered the new norm; providing two of those transfers at over 400MB/s is anything but the norm.  The KingFast F3 Plus transferred an .ISO file in 2.42sec, a program in 4.58sec and a game in 3.37sec and you just don’t see much better than that.

We definitely expected the F3 Plus to be one of the best SSDs we have tested to date but, in considering all the benchmarks in their totality, this just wasn’t meant to be.


Our next consideration is availability and, although we have seen this SSD at Amazon, KingFast needs to extend their reach a bit more in the US, rather than simply relying on their website for purchases.  Granted, their website is set up very well for SSD sales, but that alone won’t cut it to become a household name in the North American market.  Checking out the website, a definite plus is that all of their SSDs are available in both 7mm and 9mm thickness, although a small premium is asked for the ultra thin 7mm model.  We haven’t seen this from an SSD company prior and they can also be credited for having all capacities available at under the $1/GB.


Last but not least, the question rises as to whether we would recommend this SSD for purchase? In consideration of our other post, it would be too easy to follow that route but lets consider this…

There is nothing more dangerous to a companies success than the consumer!

By the book, this is a top performing SSD that is available at a great price point with a standard three year warranty.  Could we imagine the case if another KingFast SSD was found to be counterfeit and then the same published once again, after KingFast has stated that all affected SSDs had been accounted for and returned (minus one of course)?  Our opinion is that, if you can get a F3 Plus at a ‘must have’ price, go for it and make sure you conduct a few benchmarks right off to ensure all is in order.  Worst comes to worst and something appears out of the ordinary, get a hold of us and we’ll help you out!

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    Any reason the OCZ Vector still is missing in the Vantage chart.

    Any chance of seeing how the drive does with 25%/50%/75% data on it?

    • blank

      It is a midrange chart displaying only the highest performing SSD for comparison and our site doesn’t fill test in our benchmarks at this point.

    • blank

      Look up on how a SandForce SF-2281 based SSD does over TPU. W1zzard has fill in tests and goes down to %50. [H] does the same at %75. W1zzard’s reviews are more likeable than [H]’s BTW.

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