Intel SSD DC P4510 Enterprise NVMe SSD Review (2TB/8TB)


In order to properly test random 4KB performance, we first secure erase to get it in a clean state. Next, the drive is filled by sequentially writing to the RAW NAND capacity twice. We then precondition the drive with 4KB random writes at QD256 until the drive is in a steady state. Finally, we cycle through QD1-256 for 5 minutes each for writes and then reads. All this is scripted to run with no breaks in between. The last hour of preconditioning, the average IOPS, and average latency for each QD is graphed below.


During preconditioning, we can see that for the most part, the Intel DC P4510 series delivers exactly the performance as promised per capacity point. There is some variability in their plots, however, most results are above the rated spec and few are below.


During 4K reads the DC P4510, in both capacities, demonstrate strong read performance from QD1-64, beating out most of the competition. It isn’t until QD 64 that other drives catch up to them.


Looking at 4K write performance, the Intel DC P4510, again, shows strong low QD performance, with QD1-2 being leagues ahead of the other drives in our comparison pool. At QD4 the 2TB model seems to max out in write performance at its 81.5K IOPS rating. It isn’t until QD16 that the 8TB model reaches its peak at nearly 140K IOPS.


  1. blank

    Do you have access to, and are willing to review, the Intel SSD DC P4511 Series in 2TB and 4TB capacity?
    I’m especially interested in their 4K Q1D1 random speeds.

  2. blank

    are these drives good to use on a Mac?

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