Imation M-Class 128GB SSD Review – Final Thoughts

In considering all of the aspects of the Imation M-Class 128GB SSD, we have to ask ourselves if we can recommend a drive that doesn’t have TRIM or GC (Garbage Collection) to maintain its performance behind the scenes. We know that, according to tests, the SSD will most likely slow in performance but probably not be observed by the typical user.

This is because the seek times will remain the same which account for the biggest chunk of our visual performance benefit compared to a hard drive. I can also say that I still have my 64Gb Samsung from 3 years ago which has neither TRIM or GC and works as fast as the first day I received it. Although the Imation is not the rocket that the Crucial or any SandForce drive is, it is also significantly cheaper than a similar sized drive.

In fact, when we consider that it is the cheapest 128GB SSD available, includes a great migration kit, includes a free copy of Acronis True Image HD, includes an adapter that becomes an external HD case, has the capacity many are looking for and has a five year warranty compared to the norm of 3 years, we have to concede that it may be a great move for the typical user.

At the end of the day, any solid state drive will show you a very visible improvement from a hard drive. Imation has gone out of its way to make the transition value conscious, enjoyable and to ensure that there is plenty of storage space available since the hard drive doesn’t go to waste. I guess we really have to ask ourselves why this isn’t commonplace with all by now.

Pg 1 – Introduction

Pg 2 – Migration and Tests

Pg 3 – Final Thoughts

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