Imation M-Class 128GB SSD Review

A few weeks back we received the Imation M-Class 128GB SSD and thought we would take our time putting it through its paces, however, recognized right away that there were some very appealing things about the drive. First off, the package included an upgrade kit in order to ease the users transition to SSDs as simply as possible which we felt to be a big step forward.


We observed a few other things including the fact of the product warranty being 5 years vice the normal 3 years of most others and the drive was the cheapest available at its price point of $1.54/GB. It was also the only to include an external USB adapter that doubled as an external dock once the transition was complete. Lets take a a bit and have a closer look.


The exterior consists of a descriptive and well constructed glossy grey package which is very detailed to explain the contents and how simple it is to migrate to an SSD. It boasts the words “Copy – Swap – Save” and we would soon put that to the test and were happy to see its life cycle description to be through detailing of the data retention and erase cycles rather than mtbf (mean time before failure) which had many consumers believing that their SSD would last over a hundred years with mtbf calculations of 1.5 million hours. Actually, thats about 147 years isn’t it?

Inside the package was the SSD which is constructed of a very clever dark grey aluminum design, the external dock for swapping the drive, copy of Acronis True Image HD which is definitely a plus, power chord, chord for transfer of the system files and a set of instructions that seemed very simple. Take a look.



Inside the drive we find 16 x 8GB NAND chips and a Phison processor. The Phison processor is the only downfall we have seen with the drive yet as it is not capable of TRIM or GC (Garbage Collection). These firmware operations allow the SSD to retain its performance as time passes and is used on a daily basis.


Capacities : 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

Form Factor: 2.5 or 3.5

Interface: SATA II “ 3.0 Gbps

Transmission Modes: PIO mode (0-4), DMA mode (0-2), Ultra DMA mode (0-6)

Operating Temperature: 0-70°C (32-158°F)

Case Finish: Burnished Carbon

Sequential Read:

2.5″ = 230MB/S – – 3.5″ = 150MB/S

Sequential Write :

2.5″ = 170MB/S – – 3.5″ = 90MB/S

Sequential Write IOPS:

2.5″ = 6,500 – – 3.5″ = 9,500

Sequential Read IOPS:

2.5″ = 22,000 – – 3.5″ = 71,000

Cache: 64MB

Warranty: 5 year limited

Pg 1 – Introduction

Pg 2 – Migration and Tests

Pg 3 Conclusion


  1. blank

    this is a bad ssd and company i have the drive for less then a yr the drive slow and none responses with none thing after rebooting it i call the company up give them all my info and the drive info and 3 days later i get this >>

    Thank you for taking the time to reply and for providing us
    with the information that was requested.

    Unfortunately, our warranty department informed us that the
    vendor through whom you purchased
    the unit, isn’t an authorized reseller, for which they denied the warranty
    of this unit. Therefore, we
    can only suggest for you to take the unit to a local computer shop or
    electronic repair center to have

    I’m sorry for this inconvenience, but I hope you keep
    finding Imation products appealing. I hope you
    find this helpful, but if you have any questions, please feel free to reply
    to this email.

    Best regards,

    Andrea Gonzales

    Technical Support Specialist

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