Crucial M4 512GB SATA 3 SSD Review – Our Final Thoughts

To start things, our hats are off to Kelly Sasso and Crucial for sending us this drive as we believe we may just be the only site lucky enough to review it.  It was a totally unexpected arrival which accompanied the 128GB M4 that so many have been asking about, a review of which will be published within the next week.

Crucial was miles ahead of the pack with their original release of the C300 and, as a result, gained a foothold and reputation that will prove to be a huge benefit with their new M4 line. Add to this the incredible performance that the M4 512GB demonstrated here and the only factor we have to consider in purchasing the M4 512GB SSD is the price.

As much as we were aware that similar capacity consumer release Gen 2 SATA 3 SSDs reached as high as $1899, the goal of Crucial was to keep it in the $1000 range which made this an obvious choice for those that needed the capacity and could afford such.

As stated right from the outset, finding this SSD even lower was a huge benefit although, myself, I might be more inclined to purchase directly from Crucialblank, given that I would want the security of a direct sale and customer support for such a purchase.  Considering the cost, performance and reputation, Crucial once again grabs the Editors Choice for the M4 512GB SSD!



Introduction ~~ Test Bench ~ ATTO & Crystal Diskmark ~~ AS SSD

HDTune Pro ~~ PCMark Vantage ~~ Final Thoughts


Crucial M4 Solid State Drive Prices at Amazonblank

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