Corsair Force GT SATA 3 240GB SSD Review – This GT Is Some Force To Reckon With!


The Corsair Force GT SATA 3 240GB SSD is every bit of a performer as we knew it would be.  It has not only shown itself to be a true performer through the grueling battery of tests we elected to put it through, but also, it stands to be one of the top performing SSDs available today.

Superior performance is only a small part of the Corsair SATA 3 story though.


For a few years now, we have been very vocal in the fact that both the appearance of the SSD and exterior packaging would be very important in sales.  Its a proven fact that looks sell and, quite frankly, we are at a loss to decide on the top SSD design to date, the Corsair Force GT or Kingston HyperX.  Corsair has chosen the GT designation and colors carefully and one can only think of Italian race cars which bring about thoughts of speed when this SSD is seen.


blankIts not that long ago that a solid state drive release would be met with product shortage and manufacturers bumping their price on available stock.  This is definitely not the case with both the Force Series 3 and Force GT line where they can be easily located and purchased right now.

It doesn’t stop there though.  Corsair has made every effort to appeal to the consumer by making the Force GT available in 60, 90, 120, 180 and 240GB capacities.  Most manufacturers would be lucky to have their SandForce offerings available in the 120 and 240GB capacities but not Corsair!


We found the Corsair Force GT SATA 3 240GB SSD available at a price of $479.99 which put it under the price point of several other popular manufacturers.  We then took the time to compare other capacities and found them to be very similar.  Corsairs warranty is three years which has become standard although we would like to see that bumped to five years as has been seen in a few other SSDs already.


Performance, curb appeal, availability and selection as well as price and warranty; Corsair has not missed a beat on the new Force GT line and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Corsair Force GT family as one of the forerunners in the SATA 3 SSD race.


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  1. blank

    On what FW-Version hast this test been done?

  2. blank

    I have this drive, performance is good, only issue I have is the connector design, its held by 2 small pins and is not secure compared to my ocz

  3. blank

    I have this drive and the cable connector in the caddy broke. I’m considering using a cabling to connect direct now instead, but can’t determine the voltage of this unit… any ideas please? Lindy do a nice unit…

  4. blank

    im currently thinking on buying this one, anything in it’s price range that i should be comparing to?

  5. blank

    I am more curious when the price for a 250GB+ SSD will be less than $100.
    I would want something like this Corsair 240 GB SSD Force serie GT or the Samsung 850 EVO or PRO. But if you want to get a normal capacity for your system, then anything less that 200GB is no good.

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