Corsair F90 Force Series 90GB SSD Review – Benchmark Evaluation

2. Crystal Diskmark x64 ver. 3.0 (oFill)

We were discussing the importance of the 4kb random writes earlier and the result of 59MB/s here is an excellent result.  For a better understanding of this, one of our most popular articles, ‘The Manufacturers Bluff’, is linked and discusses the imnportance of the 4kb random performance results in comparison to the coveted high sequential reads and writes which most look at in their SSD purchase.  If you are going to purchase a SSD, this is the most valuable bit of reading you can find.

3. HDTune Pro Ver. 4.60 – Benchmark


The visible difference between a SSD and a hard drive is achieved through the access time of which we have typically seen as quick as 0.1-0.2ms.  Its only with our most recent evaluations that we are seeing even faster access times as seen here with 0.061ms.  It is an interesting point, however, the difference could never be seen in typical user experience.

HDTune Pro Ver. 4.60 – File Benchmark


HDTune Pro Ver. 4.60 – Random Access


The random scoring is where we should be seeing the improvement with IPS as the drive is listed at max 50,000 IPS at 4k aligned.  lets take a look at a drive the OWC Mercury pro which lists a lower IOPS maximum:

OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 120GB SSD HDTunePro IOPS

When we look at the two in comparison, the difference become very apparent.

HDTune Pro Ver. 4.60 – Extra Tests


Pg1 – Introduction & Physical Characteristics

Pg2 – Testing Protocol & ATTO Disk Benchmark

Pg3 – Benchmark Evaluation

Pg4 – PCMark Vantage & Conclusions

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