Acer CFE100 512GB CFExpress Type B Memory Card Review


In testing our sample copy of the Acer CFE100 512GB CFExpress Type B Memory Card, we found that it came reasonably close to its listed specs.  More importantly, it’s sustained performance of 595MB/s with high temperature of 60°C was encouraging.  This card will ensure that your digital camera works as it should and, as it provides for higher data transfer speeds within the equipment, your abilities behind the camera increase significantly.  A direct relation in my photography lies in the fact that faster data transfer means that there is never a filled buffer at the most inopportune moments, and higher FPS finds those shots you may have missed prior.

The only thing we need to bring forward is that this card has relatively low data transfer speeds outside of the camera.  It may mean a difference of a few seconds when you transfer data from the card via a reader  to the PC and that’s it.  Then again, this would only really be the case in moving that data at maximum speed with a 20Gbps (2GB/s) CFExpress B reader.


The Acer CFE100 is set to have what may be competitive prices and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.  It would be a fine addition to ones digital gear, however, I might recommend the higher capacities if you are going to be dabbling in 8K at all.

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Acer CFE100 CFExpress B Card Ratings

Product Build
Transfer Speeds
Sustained Write performance
5-Year Warranty

Over 500MB/s Sustained Writes

The Acer CFE100 CFExpress Type B Memory card comes has transfer speeds above 1500MB/s, sustained write speeds above 500MB/s, remains at a relatively cool temp of 60°C and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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