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Now, I cannot complain too much about the app, as it is free, but I do have a few gripes with it. One major inconvenience is that not all file types are supported. It would be beneficial if the Seagate software/GoFlex Home supported live transcoding, because as it stands, in order to stream to your device, you need to convert a file for it to be compatible. If not, you are presented with a screen like the one below:

In the case of documents, if it cannot be opened, the app will simply highlight the file and leave it closed. That is not to say that it hangs; it just will not open it, or give an error message.

The app also does not go into standby mode, and thus does not resume a song or video where it left off. This is the most notable downside, as it requires the screen to remain on, and the iPod to remain active in order to listen to a song. Not only does this waste battery life, but it also exposes the screen, leading to random button presses.

Lastly, while nothing too serious, files cannot be made using the app. Videos, pictures, documents, and songs will have to be edited and stored beforehand, as they cannot be modified, and new ones cannot be created using the app.

I was a little disappointed with the app. Although it is not a big necessity to unlock the use of the GoFlex Home, a fully functioning interface would have certainly complemented it nicely. Luckily Seagate can update it any time, but clearly a lot of work has to be done before it delivers the complete package.


Overall, the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home NAS device is an excellent piece of hardware. It is extremely responsive, has very good and solid transfer speeds, streams content flawlessly, and syncs seamlessly with a variety of hardware and software.

Amidst the praise for the drive itself, the iPod app is very lacklustre, especially in the ability to play more file formats and go into stand-by mode. While it does not take away from the GoFlex Home, it certainly lessens the experience. Hopefully the Seagate developers continue to update and improve it as time goes on.

blankFor the price, the GoFlex is more than reasonable. Average NAS devices with similar specifications cost over $100, with a standard 1TB hard drive costing around the same. Considering you have a capacious 3TB drive and a NAS enclosure, $200 for the complete package is a steal.

There are a few extra additions I would like to see, namely active cooling and more modification options for advanced NAS users. A snappier software and web interface would be nice too, as well as a performance boost to the read/write capabilities of the drive. Inclusion of the full software package would be a great deal too, as it would allow for the full experience the NAS drive has to offer. Finally, adding native SATA/eSATA ports for ease of use would be great, as it would make the drive more portable as on-the-go storage without having to lug the base around.

The device, as the name suggests, is perfect for home environment. Experienced NAS users who want advanced options and tweaking capabilities may want to look elsewhere as the GoFlex Home is missing a few features that you would expect from standalone NAS devices (such as a USB data-transfer port). However, the drive is meant for novice users who want centralized storage painlessly integrated into their home network, and the GoFlex Home certainly does a damn good job of it. Heck, it even supports multiple external USB devices via an attached hub. Who needs storage bays?

In conclusion, I give the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home 3TB a two thumbs up and I would like to thank Seagate in providing the sample for testing and review. It is a solid, complete home NAS solution for the novice consumer, that works flawlessly with Windows, Mac, and various DLNA devices.

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  1. blank

    Your wired and powerline tests indicate around 12MB/s – that to me implies something in the network is running at 10/100 ethernet speed? The Goflex Home has a gigabit ethernet port , and I can get read speeds of over 60MB/s and write speed of 35MB/s to/from a PC with a gigabit port (I get 12MB/s to another PC with a 10/100 port).

    You mentioned that a hard reset will wipe the data – that’s not the case (according to the documentation): the data is still there on the disk but you will loose the user accounts that were set up. If you recreate the same user names you will regain access to the data. Alternatively you can use a SATA cable or a GoFlex Desk base unit to access all data (for all users) on the drive.

    • blank

      Hey Nick,

      These were the speeds I got consistently, but I do believe that the powerline kit is 10/100 only. The wired connection had the same as well. The tests were different in the NASPT benchmark too, so I went with the lowest average.

      As for the hard reset, the data only wipes if updating the firmware fails during installation. At least in my case, when I accidentally closed the browser during firmware installation, the GoFlex went into a constant state of activity (blinking green light) and did not show up on my network. I had to flash back to stock firmware to get it running again, which had to be done by hard resetting it and loading the firmware via the USB port. I lost all my data during the process, but I’m not sure if that’s always the case.

  2. blank

    Is it true that it only supports backing up 3 computer? I have 4 Macs I want to back up

  3. blank

    I have one and want to no how can I figure out the pass word if I don’t even remember putting one. Need help like where do I go if I don’t remember?

  4. blank

    Hello. Can it download torrent by it self ? Thank you.

  5. blank

    Hi, Deepak. First of all, sorry for my poor English and lack of technical expertise. My questions are: can I connect a GoFlex Home directly to my PC via ethernet cable? Continuous Backup mode does not saturate the network traffic? And finally: You can perform the backup of a full 1Tb disk in a reasonable time, either via wi-fi or wired connection? Thanks, in advance.

  6. blank

    Can I use the external USB drive to do automatic backups?

  7. blank

    Is there anyway to recover the data if it is having network troubles? I have tried everything but cannot access it over my network anylonger. I have no idea what happened. Worked great for 4 years. Now I have a newer version of the same product but want to recover the data from this device. Any ideas?

  8. blank

    Any suggestions for a speed test of my own, I’m finding speeds of 10mbps wired to my laptop and speeds of 1mbps wireless to my laptop. I need some help finding the cause of the bottle neck

  9. blank

    Forgot password for go flex and not sure of where the install disc is. How can I reset password?

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