Sabrent USB Type-C Tool-Free M.2 NVMe/SATA Enclosure (EC-SNVE) Review – A Dynamite Product

It’s not often that we take the time to look at something with a cost of only $24.02 and we’re no different with any reviewer; such a review isn’t time and cost effective.  I am a bit different though. When I discover something I might keep, or something that I feel others should know about, I take the time to test, photo, write-up and post regardless of its price.  On our Test Bench this morning, we seem to have found just that exception; The Sabrent USB Type-C Tool-Free M.2 NVMe/SATA Enclosure with a product number of EC-SNVE.

If you look at all that we have posted in the past two days, you will see several other external SSD enclosures reviewed; this is the one though.  At least in our office, this is the product that we will use almost on a daily basis, and this replaces another just as worthy product that we have been using for some time, the Plugable Type-C SSD Enclosure.


The Sabrent EC-SNVE comes with the USB Type-C Tool-Free Enclosure, a Type-C to Type-C cable and an instruction manual.  It is fully Windows and Mac compatible.  It is constructed of a solid aluminum top which contains thermal padding to dissipate heat on the inside, and a hard plastic base that uses the typical Sabrent plastic knob method of holding the M.2 SSD.  Tool free and no need for the frustration of screwing the SSD in place.


This opens and closes lengthwise from a button depressed to disengage the inside latch.  It is a very simple and very smooth method of securing the SSD.


On the other end is the 10Gbps USB port for the included cable.  It should be mentioned that the EC-SNVE does not include a Type-C to USB 3.1 adapter or cable.


For our use today, we are going a bit overboard in testing with the newest Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus Gen 4×4 NVMe 1TB SSD. We will post both Intel and AMD system result just to show and have it recognized that the data transfer performance from AMD is a bit lower than Intel.





Although we wouldn’t be using this to transfer small 4K OS files for any reason, it is interesting to note, at least in this test, that the Intel has twice the 4K write throughput as the AMD system.

Found on Amazon at 24.02 (when Coupon Code 11SSDREV for $2.97 is used) , the EC-SNVE comes with a one-year warranty which can be doubled to two-year with registration.  Although no USB 3.1 adapter is included, this enclosure works with both NVMe and SATA SSDs and is a fantastic build.  It’s a good thing when we throw all the packaging away before finishing the review. That hardly ever happens here. Editor’s Choice!

NOTE:  Include the Coupon Code ’11SSDREV’ in your purchase for an additional for $2.97 off. Our Treat as a thank-you for visiting TSSDR.

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Sabrent EC-SNVE Rating

Product Build
Two-Year waranty
Price and Availability

Amazing. Build!

The Sabrent EC-SNVE is a very well constructed 10Gbps Type-C SSD enclosure that works with both SATA and NVMe M.2 SSDs. It has a 2-year warranty and is priced well below what one might think. This is a must have with anyone that has several M.2 SSDs sitting around.

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  1. blank

    Is the difference due to the fact that you use two different versions of CrystalDiskMark ?

    • blank

      NOI, CDM versions make no difference whatsoever. Regardless of testing, AMD has been observed to have roughly a 15% drop in write performance typically.

  2. blank

    Which Ryzen-platform you used? Chipset, CPU?

  3. blank

    Did the code expire? The error message I got putting in 11SSDREV was: The promotional code you entered is not valid.

    • blank

      I will check with Sabrent first thing and get back to you.

      • blank

        HI Les,

        Any update from Sabrent? I would like to place an order using the code soon.

      • blank

        Yes I had replied. It is US only and apparently is valid as they checked and confirmed.

      • blank

        I have an Amazon account from the US and I’m ordering from the US, no dice from two different accounts, one with Prime shipping and one without. I’ll have to order without the code, thank you for getting back!

  4. blank

    The most frustrating aspect of this review is that no mention was made of the bridge controller. Which bridge is on the other side of the PCB?

  5. blank

    Are you using Windows 11 to run your tests? It has been recently discovered that Windows 11 causes AMD PCs to run about 15% slower.

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