Adata SD700 External SSD Review (256GB) – A Rugged Companion For Your Travels


Generally speaking, the ADATA SD700 performed very well for a rugged external SSD. We really – really – would have liked to have seen how this device performed without any prior tests, reads/writes, etc. We attribute the lower performance to the high amount of writes prior to our usage, which that we saw right out of the box. That being said, the device still performed well.

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With respect to the design, this is perfect for anyone who is clumsy, or simply is carrying an SSD with them at all times. We chucked this drive around a good number times and it’s still kicking!

We would easily recommend this drive to any outdoor photographer/videographer who needs to quickly backup their shots and videos while on the go. We proudly award ADATA our Innovation Award for their SD700!

TSSDR Innovation award

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The Adata SD700 is quick, small and convenient. While the drive came with a fair amount of usage prior to us opening the box - it still performed well. It may cost you a bit more than your typical external drive, but its worth it!

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