Lexar Play 1TB microSD Card Review

A decade ago, there wasn’t a person around that would have believed we might ever need 1TB as storage in a typical smartphone, camera or consumer-driven media device…but times have changed.  We might never have expected 4K to be the norm for smartphone video but today there are those that will record in 8K.  And pictures, yesterday’s DSLR family could never have dreamed of such high quality photos from a smartphone, but that is today’s world.  Smartphones are made to take the highest quality photo and video available…and with the simplicity nobody ever imagined.  That’s where the Lexar Play comes in.

The Lexar play is  the latest and greatest in microSDXC cards for your smartphone, or any digital media device.  It is available in capacities of 128, 256, 512GB, as well as the 1TB version we are reviewing today.  It comes with a limited 5-year warranty and support, and claims speeds up to 150MB/s with an accompanied A2-rating for smartphone app performance.


Our testing resulted in 154MB/s read and 65MB/s write in a card that has been in use for months.  The card is rated at V30/U3, meaning video recording of at least 30MB/s, as well as the A2 designation as it will reach speeds up to 160MB/s.


For our testing, we used Lexar’s own Multi-Card 2-in-1 USB 3.1 Reader which is available on Amazon for $19.99.  The price of the Lexar Play 1TB microSDXC card used in our testing today is also an excellent price on Amazon right now at $159.99.

If you are looking at a great SD card at a great price with an equally great SD card reader, you simply can’t go wrong with these two items paired.  High capacity.  High performance. Great warranty and a low price.


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  1. blank

    65MB/s is not really impressive but more importantly: Can it at least sustain that speed?

    Usually writing speed does break down a lot on mediocre flash, especially cheap SD cards. Knowing Lexar, I wouldn’t bet my life if they can even keep up the A2.

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