LSI Adds New AXE2502 Axxia Communications Processor To Networking Products Portfolio

LSI, maker of silicon for storage and communications infrastructure, has released a new PowerPC based processor aimed at the cloud storage market.

The Axxia processor is based on a dual core IBM PowerPC processor manufactured for the express purpose of enabling high bandwidth, high traffic cloud computing environments to handle processing for servers and networking infrastructure.

The Axxia will be available to OEMs later this year in two flavors: the 2502-1 and the 2502-5. The former is aimed at “entry level” network line cards and wireless networking applications, while the latter is intended for more demanding applications like virtualization and cloud applications. The -01 has up to 10gb/s throughput, while the -5 has up to 20Gb/s throughput on tap.

LSI’s new Axxia products are built on a new 28nm lithography. It should be available to OEM manufacturers in Q3 2012, and should start showing up in products shortly thereafter. The Axxia family has it’s own software development kit to help partners develop custom software to run on the Axxia platform.


  • PowerPC® Complex
    “ 2 x PowerPC 476FP cores

    “ PowerPC ISA-V2.05 (Book IIIE) 32-bit implementation
    “ CPU clock speeds up to 1.33GHz
    “ 32 KB I- / 32 KB D- L1 Cache per core
    “ 256 KB L2 Cache per core w/ECC
  • Acceleration Engines
    “ Packet processing/manipulation/ integrity (up to 20 Gbps)

    “ Security Engine (10 Gbps), RegEx Engines (3Gbps)
    “ Traffic Mgr/Scheduler (up to 6 levels of hierarchy)
  • System Communication
    “ LSIs Virtual Pipeline technology enables efficient intra-system communication for deterministic performance and is used to enable any-to-any message passing architecture
  • Package Specification
     “ 899 pin, 31 mm x 31 mm FC-BGA package

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