Lexar 128GB Professional 1066x CompactFlash Card Review


For our real world testing, we will be comparing how long it takes for our Canon 5D Mark IV’s image burst buffer to offload onto the cards after it fills, as well as continuous bursts before slowing. For standardization and comparison, the camera settings will be shooting at ISO 100, 1/160th of a second, aperture f/4 with all pictures in RAW format.  With most DSLR cameras, there is no slowing whatsoever at any point in time when saving to JPG.


On this chart, the three key cards are the Lexar 128GB Professional 1066x Card, the Lexar 512GB 800x CF Card, as well as the Kingston Ultimate SDXC card which is the fifth in line on the chart.  These cards were tested in our 5D Mark IV as part of this test, the remainder having been tested in our previous Canon 6D DSLR.

We spoke briefly of the importance of increased write transfer speeds at the beginning of this report, and our tests resulted in the Lexar 1066x off loading data (new RAW pictures) to the card twice as fast as the others.  What this means to you, at least when shooting in RAW, is that you will have a much easier time shooting in continuous mode before the camera slows to offload the buffer.  Comparing this to the Kingston, and all cards in fact, we can see that we gave up a bit in burst shooting for the gain in time to store the files.  This translates to many more pictures being taken at a faster interval for the Lexar 128GB Professional 1066x CF Card throughout the entire shoot considering of course that the other cards have a longer ‘refresh time’ to clear the buffer.


Anyone knows me knows that I choose to work 20 hour days because I like the best; the best in time away, the best in automobiles and the best in electronics.  There was alot of reading and investigation before my purchase of the Canon 5D Mark IV and I only want the best add ons to go with it; I believe the Lexar Professional 1066x CompactFlash Cardblank is just that.


This card  is available in several capacities, has great value, performance and it comes with a lifetime guarantee which not all others can state.  I simply don’t see another that stands beside the Lexar and, with that, it receives our Editor’s Choice Award!

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Editors Choice-SSD copy Opt


Lexar 1066x Professional CF Card Ratings

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Speed Demon!

The Lexar 1066x Professional CompactFlash Card is one of the fastest cards on the market, carrying with it great value, mass availability in several sizes and a lifetime warranty.

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