BitFenix Shinobi XL Computer Chassis Review – Is Bigger Always Better?


For consistency’s sake, the same test system from the Shinobi was reapplied to the XL with driver updates:


The AIDA64 system stability and benchmark utility was used to test the CPU, chipset, DIMM, and hard-drive temperatures, and 3DMark 11 for the GPU temperature. Two extra cases joined the fray, both XL-ATX ready: Antec Sonata P280 and Cooler Master HAF-X. The benchmarks from the original Shinobi and accompanying competition are incorporated as well:




blankThe ambient temperature was 22°C. The sound levels were also recorded before, during, and after these tests. The Shinobi XL made barely a whisper of noise:



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    If i can locate one in Australia i think i might replace my Fractal Desihn XL V3, as it has more ports on top, proper radiator holder built in (mine is mounted on top on machined holders). I just need to ensure it will hold all 12 HDD’s, 2 SSD’s and the OD. Water cooled 2600K running 4.8GHz, 16Gb 2133MHz CL9 ram @ 2430MHz, Waiting for funds for a 670/680 (currently 570). Mainboard Asrock Extreme 7 gen 3.

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      14 drives huh? I’d like to see the final build 🙂

      Wanted to apologize for spelling and grammar errors. Something went wrong during the port over to the editor. Will have those fixed soon.

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    too bad im currently into laptop and only laptops, and will most likely not go back to desktop anymore. i do like the desktop cases they do provide more drives, and obviously more cooling and with the latest motherboard/chipset they can have more than two SATAIII ports, which laptop is currently lacking.

    nevertheless, great review

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      Thanks! 🙂

      A lot of people share your way of thinking, and I can’t blame them. It’s just more convenient to use a portable device. As you said, the ability to expand storage isn’t quite there yet without giving up the mobility of a laptop, but hopefully cloud-computing gets to a point where it’s possible.

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    let me know where to send the pictures….

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