OCZ RD400 Sales Through the Roof – Flash Memory Summit 2016 Update

Since their acquisition by Toshiba, we have seen the OCZ booth get smaller and smaller at trade shows. This year at FMS, it is narrowed down to a single display. Not only has their booth been shrinking, but we have notices that their naming conventions have been shrinking as well.

OCZ Booth FMS 2016

Taking a look at their product line up, the Vector has been renamed VT180 and the Trion has been renamed the TR150. The RD400 obviously is short for RevoDrive as well. When looking at the enterprise side of things, thinks have shrunk somewhat as well…well actually, vanished. OCZ’s enterprise products have been consolidated into Toshiba’s line up and OCZ is now, essentially, the consumer face of Toshiba.

OCZ Booth FMS 2016 RD400

What hasn’t shrunk, however, is their sales. So far they are doing great in that aspect. As a matter of fact, we were told that the RD400 has been such a hit that they have been seeing supply issues. Their previous forecasts couldn’t have accounted for such high demand in what is usually a lower sales volume segment. With the current NAND shortage going on, they are now working on maintaining volume distribution to all of their customers for this enthusiast class SSD.

OCZ Booth FMS 2016 Origin PC

This popularity is not just because of all its stunning reviews, but also, because they have recently partnered up with multiple gaming PC manufacturers, five to be exact. You can now go to a company such as Origin PC and simply add an RD400 to your build. It’s that simple. With VR starting to take on more and more traction, the RD400 is a perfect fit to help stream gaming data at high speed so that you can have a more enjoyable gaming experience, which is why they also had it on demo at their booth.

Things are constantly changing over at OCZ, consolidation was expected and we are just now seeing how things are finally playing out. Be sure to keep up to date as we continue our walk around the FMS showroom floor!

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