Liqid SSDs and Software Enable 50GB/s and 10 Million IOPS Performance – Flash Memory Summit 2016 Update

Liqid is a newer SSD solutions company that revolves around making innovative and disruptive technology for the bare-metal cloud to enable hyperscale agility to the masses. What does this mean? Well, through their reference SSD designs and software architecture they are able to deliver what is some of the best performance we have seen at FMS 2016 so far.

Liqid Booth FMS 2016 aic iops

First seen at CES 2016 when we covered the Kingston showroom, we were very intrigued by this company’s products, but they were just previewing the drive at the time with its ability to deliver over 1.25 million IOPS of performance. Now, at FMS 2016, we are able to see much more of their vision and ability.

Liqid Booth FMS 2016 50GBs

The picture above shows that in a single server, with 12 of their reference designed Kingston EP1000 SSDs and their Liqid OS and Command Center (You can preview the GUI here), they are able to push performance of 50GB/s and over 10 million IOPS!

Liqid Booth FMS 2016 Server Setup

They have not only worked closely with Phison and Kingston to get their SSDs built, but they also worked closely with One Stop Systems as well to build a server box capable of keeping up with their flash storage devices and software. They even mentioned that when the server box is full, with all 32 PCIe slots populated, yes…32 slots in total, they have been able to hit over 60GB/s.

Liqid Booth FMS 2016 One Stop

Liqid has also unveiled their “Liqid Powered” 2.5-inch U.2 SSD, which utilizes PCIe NVMe Gen 3.0 x4 or Dual Port 2×2 to connect to the host. These SSDs are some of the fastest SSDs ever benchmarked. Available in capacities of up to 3.9TB and it offers extreme performance of up to:

  • 5.5 GB/s Full Duplex Mixed Read and Write
  • 3.6 GB/s Sequential Read Only
  • 3.6 GB/s Sequential Write Only
  • 1.15 M IOPS 4K, Full Duplex Mixed Random Read and Write
  • 850K IOPS 4K, Random Read Only
  • 275K IOPS 4K, Random Write Sustained Only, up to 850K IOPS non-sustained

Liqid Booth FMS 2016 U.2 NVMe SSD IOPS Liqid Booth FMS 2016 U.2 NVMe SSD





Liqid’s goal is to essentially bring pools of hardware, such as flash, networking, and computing, together into an easy to manage way so that bare-metal machines can be created, deleted, and maintained on the fly. By supplying Kingston with the reference design and firmware for their SSDs, utilizing Phison controllers, and developing the software support for SSD deployment, Liqid has a lot of momentum as they push ahead and we can’t wait to see where it brings them. For more information please visit their website at Be sure to keep up to date as we continue to explore what on display at FMS 2016!

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