Toshiba HK4E Enterprise SSD Review (800GB)


To measure 8KB random read/write performance do the same preconditioning as we did for 4KB performance. The drive is first secure erased to get it in a clean state. Next, the drive is filled by sequentially writing to the RAW NAND capacity twice. We then precondition the drive with 8KB random writes at QD256 until the drive is in a steady state. Finally, we cycle through QD1-256 for 5 minutes each for writes and then reads. All this is scripted to run with no breaks in between. The last hour of preconditioning, the average IOPS, and average latency for each QD is graphed below.

Toshiba HK4E 800GB 8K pre

The 8K write preconditioning results follow similar to that of the 4K results. Here we can see performance distribution is very tight and averaging around 22K IOPS with latency at around 12ms.

Toshiba HK4E 800GB 8K Reads Toshiba HK4E 800GB 8K Reads L


During the lower QD1-QD2 portions of this test the HK4E beats out the Micron 510DC, but lags slightly behind the SM863. From QD 4-8 it surpassed the SM863, but then falls just behind it from QD16-32 where performance levels off to about 56K IOPS.

Toshiba HK4E 800GB 8K Write Toshiba HK4E 800GB 8K Write Lat

Writes prove yet again to be a very strong point for the Toshiba HK4E when compared to our other test drives. It maintains an average of 22K IOPS from QD4 on. Latency remains under 1.5ms at QD32 as well. Overall, very impressive.

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