Toshiba Displays RC100 NVMe and XS700 Portable SSDs along with Enterprise PM5 | CES 2018 Update

So we dropped by the Toshiba suite this morning at CES 2018 in rainy Las Vegas and got a first hand look at some very interesting products.  I am going to start things with my fav first and foremost which is the Toshiba TMC PM5 enterprise SAS SSD which had been spoken of last August.

The PM5 is an enterprise SSD and may be the most powerful and highest capacity that we will see in a typical 2.5″ form factor SSD.  It is a 12Gbit/s SAS SSD capable of 3350MB/s read and 2720MB/s write but check this out….  Capacity in a single drive can be had as little as 400GB or as large as 30.72Tb… in a single SSD.


Next up and brand new to Toshiba is the XS700 Portable SSD.  The XS700 is only available in a 240GB capacity and is USB 3.1 Gen 2 with cables for both Type-C and Type-A connectivity.  Based on Toshiba’ 64 Layer BiCS 3D TLC NAND flash memory, performance is listed at 530MB/s read and 480MB/s write with a 3 year warranty.


Last but not least is Toshiba’s newest RC100 Dramless NVMe PCIe 3.0 x2 SSD which is based on Toshiba’ BG3 BGA SSD.  The SSD has a self contained 16mm x 20mm BGA package which has the entire SSD in a single package chip design.  Performance is listed at 1620mb/s read and 1130mb/s write with 160, ooo read and 120,000 write IOPS.  The RC100 is intended to stand beside the Intel P600 NVMe SSD, comes with a 3 year limited warranty, and pricing has yet to be released.

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