SanDisk Shows Off 8TB USB-C Portable SSD Prototype | CES 2020 Update

CES hasn’t even started yet and storage seems front and central once again as we saw first hand with an unexpected visit to Western Digital/SanDisk last night at Pepcom.  Check this out.  It is a 8TB palm sized portable SSD that is USB-C and will transfer data…lots of data… above 1GB/s easily.  It is an early prototype but this is easily the smallest device we have ever seen for storage anywhere near this capacity.

As we said… early prototype but this is an amazing look at where we are going with storage today.  Next up, if you need something even smaller, check out this SanDisk USB-C  Ultra Dual Drive Luxe (also USB 3.0).  This will be available in early Spring in sizes starting at 32GB all the way up to 1TB and has a very attractive all metal design for great data security.

And we are off bright and early at CES 2020 to see what else we can dig up.  Stay tuned!

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