PNY Elite 512GB microSDXC Flash Card Review – High Capacity in a Small Package

I remember a time when people were amazed of the high capacity that a CF card could have.  It was all the rage for the media world.  Years past and we saw the popularity of SD cards, and eventually the need for microSD cards grew exponentially.  Yes… I realize I am dating myself here….just about as far back as the rotary phone.  Well today, we are reviewing the very first ‘mainstream’ 512GB microSDXC card that has actually hit the market, the PNY Elite 512GB SDXC microSDXC card.

Now normally we might not mention this but we think it important in this scenario.  There are a TON of fake flash cards available on the market and this card has already been hit with copycat fakes that demonstrate just that.  Amazon was hit by a ton of fakes and consumers let their opinions be known.  Today we are reviewing the real thing and, well if you are searching for same… follow this link directly to PNY’s Amazon purchase link.


The PNY Elite microSDXC Flash Card comes with a SD card adapter, has a lifetime warranty, and is available for an Amazon price of $199 at the time of this report..  Its specifications list it as being capable of transfer speeds of 90MB/s read and 30MB/s write and it is listed as V10 class which is the newest class introduced and means that it can write video at 10MB/s. Consider this though…. This card can transfer data at 90MB/s, and store 80 hrs of video or 100,000 18MP pictures… in a device smaller than a Canadian nickel.


Testing the PNY Elite 512GB microSD card on our test bench, it stood right up to its claims with read speeds at 93MB/s and write speeds of 25MB/s which is just below a U3 rating. Getting this capacity into our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone though was our entire reason for wanting this card.  Our Note 8 would have roughly 550GB of memory combining this card with its internal memory and that’s where these cards are going to be making their money.  Do you own an iPhone?  You won’t be doing this anytime soon!


It is incredible to think what people are paying for storage in a smartphone.  Looking at the iPhone, you are paying twice as much for the same memory integrated into the iPhoneX as you would for the card on the street…that you can pop into any Android.  Let’s not get into the horrid framework Apple uses for buying and storing videos, music and photos.


So this is one of many tests we took of the PNY Elite 512GB microSDXC card in our Galaxy Note 8.  It wa similar in several tests and actually the first time we had tested through this medium, be it a bit dated.  In watching it initially, it met listed specs but this test is a bit trying as it pushed through 8GB of data non-stop and does a speed average over the entirety of the transfer.


The PNY Elite 512GB microSDXC card arrives at a point in technology where it is needed most. Mobile video through surveillance, drones, cameras, etc…is getting smaller and smaller and the microSDXC card addresses this need when it can provide for capacities of 512GB.  Myself, I would love to have seen speeds hit a bit higher in my Samsung Galaxy Note 8…but the capacity increase is a huge plus for me in any case. For those that need this type of capacity in your smartphone, it is finally here.

Check out the PNY Elite 512GB microSDXC Card at Amazon!


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