Phisons Newest PCIe Gen 4×4 Controller Hits Speeds of 4GB/s – CES 2019 Update

It is always great to see where we are going in tech as CES and other tech shows.  Phison held true to this showing off their latest PS5016-E16 controller performing at over 4GB/s read and write.

This controller is PCIe 4.0 and is a 4 lane controller, something that tech has yet to accommodate in the consumer world. To get it to test correctly, Phison uses a PLDA add-in card and get over 600K IOPS read and write through the drive as well.  


The drive itself is 2TB, use Micron 3D TLC flash NAND along with SKHynix DRAM. Phison believes they can reach a target of 4.8GB/s read and 4.4GB/s write with 900K IOPS. Imagine that in your system as a single controller design.

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