Phison Comes Alive with Newest E12 SSD Controller | CSE2018 Update

It is great to see a company mature in the tech space and Phison is a prime example of this as they proudly displayed their newest E12 NVMe SSD controller at CES this week.  This just may give Samsung a run for their money.

The PS5012-E12 is an eight-channel NVMe controller, built on the TSMC 28nm process and will see SSD with a PCIe 3.0X4 interface.  On display using both Toshiba BiCS3 and Micron’ B16A Gen2 3D TLC NAND Flash memory, one couldn’t help but be impressed…


As this controller is also capable of up to 600K read and write IOPS, it just may become one of this years hottest SSD introductions if we see similar during review testing.

Another step forward, with the newest NVMe 1.3 standard, is improved performance with DRAMless SSDs, whereas previously, performance took quite the hit.  Phison demonstrated their PS5008-E8T, a Gen3x2 four-channel controller using a UMC40nm process.


The result on the left is without the newest NVMe 1.3 protocol Host Memory Buffer (HMB) and that on the right is with it.


Last but not least, let’s take a look at something that so many of us take for granted…. embedded media.  Although most still know very little about SSDs, chances are that each has a phone on their person most times which contains an embedded chip which is just that, a very small single chip SSD.  It is only a result of this today that so many carry smartphones that are much more powerful than their PC, and start instantly.


On display here is the Phison PS8313 embedded chip which can accommodate up to 920MB/s read and 550MB/s write with above 60,000 IOPS read and write.

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