Micron c200 microSD Card Review (1TB) – As High Capacity Becomes the Norm in microSD


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The Micron c200 is the second microSD card of the 1TB capacity that we have been able to get our hands on and things are definitely looking up for higher capacities in a smaller form factor.  A bit disappointing perhaps is that, with this new microSD high capacity availability, even Android newer smartphones are eliminating the microSD slot and forcing consumers to accept fixed memory within the phones at substantially higher prices than might be seen with card alone. Imagine the price of a 1TB smartphone, considering the iPhoneX with 512GB is a whopping $1999.

Even the newest Samsung Note 10 doesn’t have an SD slot, unless of course you step up to the Note 10+. No doubt the industry believes that, if you can afford the 1TB microSD card, you would be paying the higher price point for a top tier phone.

Having said that, the Micron c200 1TB microSD card finds the right capacity, with blazing speeds up to 100MB/s, a 5-year warranty to include it being waterproof, shockproof and x-ray proof… but unfortunately, we are missing one thing.  We cannot find availability and a decent price point to comment on as of yet.  We searched endlessly on the internet and will revisit this report the second we find out more.  Hoping it is just sold out everywhere I am guessing!

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