Maxiotek Displays 4TB M.2 SSD on Proprietary Controller – Computex 2018 Update

This morning at Computex 2018 Taipei, Maxiotek had a 4TB M.2 SSD on display, displaying their newest MAP0901 NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4 controller.   Aside from learning that this SSD was a two sided SSD and capable of accommodating all of the most recent memory configurations, little information was available during our visit.  We might bet that QLC would be a must if we are fitting 4TB on four flash chips, needless to say.

Similarly, there was also a DRAM-less version of this controller on display, labeled as MAP0902.  Both are PCIe Gen 3 x 4 NVMe 1.3, and have a feature set that includes AgileECC2, WriteBooster 2, ASPM, APST, L.1.2, E2E Data Protection and thermal throttling.


Maxiotek was also showing off their latest SATA controller, the MAS0902 which was presently running and doing well on the latest memory configurations from SKHynix, Toshiba, Intel and Micron…. of course showing off a 4TB sample size.



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