Kingston DCP1000 NVMe SSD Reaches 7GB/s – Is This the Worlds Fastest?

Quick post to let all know what we have in store in the next few weeks.  We just got the Kingston DCP1000 Data Center NVMe SSD in today and this SSD is rather special.  With advertised capacities up to 3.2TB and performance up to 6.8GB/s and 1.2mil IOPS, this SSD just could be the fastest single SSD solution worldwide right now.

DCP1000 Alone

Based on both Kingston and Liqid technologies, the DCP1000 is an NVMe SSD using PCIe 3.0 x 8 ultrafast lanes and it looks no different than any other PCIe card, but for a few capacitors that become visible when she is sitting in the Test Bench.

DCP1000 in the machine

Installation was very simple, consisting of plugging her into our Z270 Test bench, creating a RAID volume of the 4 x 400GB logical drives, and then formatting.  We had this SSD running in less than 10 minutes and check this out:


I could be wrong but this result could be the absolute fastest speed ever pulled off from a solid state drive of this nature, granted the performance is the result of a RAID volume but we have never seen anything even remotely close from a single SSD prior.  Will it hit 1.2 million IOPS though?  Stay tuned as we are going to publish both an enthusiast and enterprise review of the DCP1000.  Just to give you a taste of things to come, we couldn’t resist a quick transfer test of 15GB of HD video…. 6.8 seconds.  Yup… the DCP1000 is transferring HD video at more than 2GB/sec.  More to come!!!


  1. blank

    Insane speed …. Can’t wait to see the full results .. very exciting !!

  2. blank

    Definitely want to see the thermal images on this bad boy.

  3. blank
    “The New Kaby Lake Z270 Test Bench Gets Built – 5GHz”, Les Tokar February 25, 2017
    … is your test-bench?

    Which version of Windows are you running. Or does this not matter? Similarly with the versions of drivers?

  4. blank
    Eduardo Solanas Esteban

    41.54 at 4k is what matters and it is like a normal ssd

    • blank

      To the someone that doesn’t work in media perhaps. People tend to overlook that of which they take advantage of so frequently in life (FB/Banks/television etc) relies on data centers that value those high numbers dearly.

    • blank
      Rados?aw Or?owski

      for small files yes. But you do not work with 2-4 KB files alone ?

      anything bigger like movie editing or anything ….

  5. blank

    How come the 4K random r/w speeds are so abysmal? That is not “world’s fastest” by any measure.

    • blank

      It is a data center drive, not meant for you to throw in your desktop and surf the web. Having said that, the 4k’s are typical and anything but abysmal. Perhaps you should look up and try to find a comparable drive anywhere with those high sequentials.

  6. blank

    10 months later… anything have faster write speeds?

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