Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 USB Flash Drive (32 GB) Review


When it comes to the safety of your data, you really can not be too careful, and with the Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy – Anti-Virus, safety will be one of your last worries. The encryption features are easily equipped, and nearly unnoticeable. Other then when you insert the USB flash drive into your computer and log in, you won’t notice the encryption at any other time. This makes the drive one of the easiest ways to ensure that the integrity of the data on the USB flash drive is preserved.


Taking a look at the overall performance of the drive, that is yet another aspect that you do not need to be concerned with. Since Kingston has included USB 3.0, it performs very well for a USB flash drive, actually it performed almost exactly as listed. When using compressible files, the speed was even more exceptional than expected.

Overall, the Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy Anti-Virus is a great option for corporations and businesses that require the utmost protection for their data. It would even be a very useful USB flashe drive for students who use computers in a public network, such as in a library.  This USB flash drive is even more impressive when you consider that the encryption is nearly invisible. On top of that, with USB 3.0 you won’t have to worry about larger files wasting your time. With all of this being said, we proudly award the Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy Anti-Virus with The SSD Review’s Innovation Award.

TSSDR Innovation award

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The Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 is an amazing device for business representatives and corporations who require the utmost security for their USB flash drives.

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    I see that it can supposedly be switched to read-only mode. Is this done through a hardware switch, or is it done through software? If the latter, what’s to prevent malware from flicking the switch?

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