JMicron Displays Worlds First USB to PCIe/NVMe Bridge Chip Capable of 1GB/s – Computex 2018 Taipei Update

JMicron has recently introduced their newest product in the form of the JMS583, a USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10G) to PCIe/NVME bridge chip which is the first of its kind worldwide and opens up all sorts of storage ideas.

At Computex this week, we saw this chip on a M.2 adapter board with a USB Type C connector, the solution being capable of 1000MB/s read and write, as an external solution, fully capable of TRIM and USB bus powered.  The solution was set up on display with the Samsung 960 pro M.2 NVMe SSD but JMicron assured us that this adapter was compatible with most popular M.2 brand names and provided Crystal DiskMark results of several different SSDs.


Pulling in 1GB/s read and write performance from a single M.2 adapter solution through a USB Type-C adapter is a bit of a peak into an external solution that we might be seeing hit the market very soon.  Stay tuned as JMicron was nice enough to provide us with a sample board and we happen to have several M.2 SSDs in the office to do a bit of testing with.


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